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Farrah Goodfairy
Book - Farrah Goodfairy
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BFFAs Ashlynn Ella is royally down to earth. Also Cedar Wood's art gives me great fashion inspiration.
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Farrah Goodfairy is a 2015-introduced and prose-only character. She is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella or various tales. She is part of the cheerhexer team and a student at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, Farrah sides with the Royals because she loves the magic and fashion that comes with her destiny; she is especially looking forward to Ashlynn Ella's makeover to the ball. After she finishes living out her legacy, being the fashion-forward dreamer that she is, Farrah plans to open boutiques around Ever After.



She can tend to be quite forceful and make decisions for the group when their leader is not present. This trait is shown when she has called for a group or leader cheerhexer resignation, which everyone seconded. It is apparent that she acts rather fair among her peers, but can be extremely helpful in the process. Farrah also has a love for fashion and wishes to pursue her dream job after her story is over. She looks to put her friends' needs before her own.


Farrah's hair is side-parted to the right. Her baby blue hair is long and wavy, colored with mint and turquoise streaks. A lock of her hair is pale lavender. She has periwinkle eyes and pink skin as well as star makeup on her cheeks. It is noted that Farrah has silver wings.

Fairy tale

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She is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother.


The students on the cheerhexing squad are on good terms with her, namely Faybelle and Nina. She also appears to be on good terms with Rosabella Beauty, as in her diary, Farrah helped Rosabella by turning a pumpkin into a PUV, in order to transport the students to the ogre's village. She is also friends with Ashlynn and Hunter as she is Ashlynn's fairy Godmother. She considers Cedar Wood a close friend as her art gives Farrah inspiration.