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Quotation1 Dancing is so much more than a series of steps. Quotation2
Justine in her 'Signature - Royals' diary
Justine Dancer
Profile art - Justine Dancer
Birthday N/A
Side Royal
Roommate Ramona Badwolf
BFFAs Melody Piper always plays the best tunes, and I royally admire Duchess Swan for her dancing.
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Justine Dancer is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is the daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess from the fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and a student at Ever After High. She is in a committee with other Royals, and sides with the Royals in the destiny conflict for unrevealed reasons.



For someone who sees the big picture, Justine is a creative, hard working and confident girl who loves to bring out the talent in others. She has a spirited love for dancing and believes that everyone deserves their time under the spotlight.


Justine has curly and dark chestnut-colored hair, dark skin, red lips and vibrant emerald green eyes accented with sparkly, gold makeup.

Fairy tale

Main article: The Twelve Dancing Princesses



Her mother is the 12th Dancing Princess and she is the youngest of her sisters.


As she is in a committee, she appears to be friends with the Royals on the team, namely Briar Beauty, Bunny Blanc and Hopper Croakington II. As she is roommates with Ramona Badwolf, she and Ramona get along smoothly. She considers Melody Piper as her best friend, and she admires Duchess Swan's dancing talent.