Dr. King Charming is a staff member at Ever After High. He teaches Heroics 101 and Advanced Wooing.



He is a strict teacher and has high expectations of his students and even higher expectations of his sons. He seems to favor his firstborn, Daring, and spends a lot of time grooming him for the throne at the expense of spending time with his other children.

Fairy tale

While the exact story that King Charming hails from has not yet been revealed, the "Prince Charming" character is present in many fairy tales. There are any number of possible stories, but they almost invariably call for a courageous, kind, and dashing prince.



He is husband of Queen Charming and the father of Daring, Dexter, and Darling Charming.

In the books, King and Queen Charming have several nieces and nephews, each set starting with the same letter. They are Beloved, Bountiful, Breathtaking, Caring, Charity, Cherished, Courageous, Elegant and Errant, Fragile, Fairest and Fearless, Good-Enough, Gallant, Glorious, Gutsy, Gracious and Gorgeous.

His parents are Alluring and Auspicious Charming.


Dr. King Charming leads his students through the swamp to track trolls. After Hopper Croakington II's mishap, he has the class rescue him. The Storybook of Legends King Charming and his wife discuss and hope on Dexter's possible future as the Beast. King Charming and the rest of his family attend the Charming Family Ball on the last day of summer. Dexter Charming's Story Darling Charming's Story He restricts his youngest daughter from playing rougher games like her brothers. As Darling grows, she soon gets courted by suitors. King Charming declares that she will be kept in the castle until she is to attend Ever After High. In present day, he calls the Headmaster to check in on his daughter since he won't be attending Parents Weekend. Queen Charming and him reschedule their Mermaid Cruise to attend Parents Weekend, which he arrives a day earlier. He enters Dexter's dorm room and talks to him in private, making him acknowledge that Dexter's destiny is to be the second best, requesting that he lose for Daring in the jousting tournament. A Semi-Charming Kind of Life