Quotation1 Well, what are you waiting for? I said quickly. You mustn't be late for class. This way, this way! Quotation2
The White Rabbit in "Way Too Wonderland"
Way Too Wonderland - White Rabbit brings news

The White Rabbit is the royal herald of Wonderland and is Courtly Jester's personal courier, but is often intimidated by her. Due to the Evil Queen's curse, he was imprisoned within the domains of Wonderland and used to raise his daughter, Bunny Blanc, who escaped to Ever After.


In English, the White Rabbit is voiced by Audu Paden.



He's described to be somewhat high-strung and uptight, easily conscious of where he needs to be at whatever time.


The White Rabbit has white fur and pink ears with locks of light gray hair combed neatly on the right side of his head. He sports gray eyebrows and a gray nose, buck teeth and lavender-purple irises. He wears a white waistcoat decorated with pink and purple heart, spades and diamond patterns underneath his gray jacket. He wears an ombre black-to-blue bow tie with a small copper-colored clock centered in it, and gray gloves.

Fairy tale

Main article: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



He is the father of Bunny Blanc.


TV specials

The White Rabbit guides the six girls to their classes and hops off to his own. Later at lunch, Courtly Jester orders him to make their classes impossible to pass. He later shows up as the girls' defendant counselor but doesn't really come to their defense in the trial. The White Rabbit digs a hole out of the building and calls the White Knight for help to rescue the girls and stop Courtly. He devises a plan with the knight and he leads the six down a rabbit hole while the knight fends off the Red Knight. He appears by the Queen of Hearts's castle soon enough, albeit taking the wrong turns each time underground. Way Too Wonderland